Thank you so much for your interest. I’m really happy that you like my pictures, my posts, my […]

The Star Wars Identities exhibition premiered today at the Brussels Expo in Belgium. Curious visitors, Star Wars enthusiasts and Belgian […]

One of my resolutions for 2018 was to loose some weight and show off a set of freshly grown abdominals. […]

The French haute couture brand surprised everyone by bringing back the ugly trainers. The whole purpose of these […]

I have curly hair since birth. But apart from being an asset to my personality, combing my golden […]

Like many, I am a true Disney aficionado. Over the years I collected pins, teddy bears, blankets, china cups and […]

Today marks the first birthday of the Brussels bombings. A birthday without candles, wishes and presents will be […]

Be well prepared  Organization is the key to a successful trip or student exchange. The use of a […]

Wikileaks exposed on Tuesday the deceitful methods of the Central Intelligence Agency. The governmental organization allegedly broke into phones, […]

The winds of change blew in South Korea. President Park Geun-hye was removed from office. The political leader […]

A Franciscan brotherhood in Cochabamba, Bolivia, adopted a vagabond dog. The friars welcomed the man’s best friend into their order. The pup was […]

The Trump administration released on Monday a communiqué to announce modifications of the Muslim ban. The changes are […]

A Wall Street company added a feminine touch to the imposing bull with imperial allure. State Street Global […]

Newborn polar bear cub died the 6th of March in Berlin’s Tierpark zoo. The autopsy showed that the cub […]

An unusual marine creature has been observed at the Belgian seaside, in Ostend. Photographers could capture the unique sight. […]

When Boubah, real estate agent and zealous advocate of an equal and unprejudiced America, published a photo of […]

The iconic Beauty & the Beast franchise is Disney’s first motion picture to include an openly homosexual character. […]

The illustrious Miss Universe competition will start in less than seven hours. More than 80 beauty queens will […]

The Royal Belgium Institute of National Sciences runs for the first time an exhibition about poisonous animals. More than 30.000 […]

Vivian Tsai (20) studies Business Management at the Thomas More University College. This Taiwanese student already obtained an […]

When the “evil” winter lurks, fashionista’s and designers have the perfect excuse for wearing fur. The comfortable suit […]

During each interview an international student answered a set of seven questions about Belgium and terrorism. This week Spanish […]