Daisy Duck, the star of a new O bag

Like many, I am a true Disney aficionado. Over the years I collected pins, teddy bears, blankets, china cups and plates, jewelry, clothes, perfumes, books, movies and the list goes on. I guess I did it to bring the magic of Disney into my home. And it worked!

Now, at the age of 21, I feel that I am still trapped in a world of enchantment. Mickey, Minnie and Marie (from The Aristocats) watch over me when I fall into Morpheus’ arms every night. And from time to time they greet me when I wake up. I am just kidding of course (am I?). But the magic of Walt’s universe never stops to captivate me. And that is why I am expanding my official Disney collection. My latest acquisition is a pink and white striped handbag with Daisy Duck’s face from the Italian designer O bag. The miniature rubber-like purse is a limited edition collection inspired by Mister Disney’s little friends. So hurry up if you want to get your own bag! 

O bag, a chic Italian design 

O bag uses an exclusive and innovative cell foam material by XL EXTRALIGHT, which gives us the illusion that the bag is made out of rubber or plastic. The process is unique to Italy because the Roman country has patented the discovery and declined it in various products. The moldable foam is used to create bags, watches, footwear, sunglasses and furniture. The composition of the foam makes the purses waterproof, fire resistant, antimicrobial and eco-friendly. Why eco-friendly? Because it does not contain chemical agents which could be harmful to our environment.

Daisy Duck: fashion accessory for grown-ups 

The girly purse is a perfect fit for small trips, a visit to Disneyland, a rendez-vous, a girls’ night out or when you want to break with your squared vision of fashion. The best way to wear your handbag is to pair it with a sober look. That means that you can wear it with a (ripped or classic) jeans, white sneakers or high heels, a neutral colour shirt and a leather jacket. Do not exaggerate when picking out your outfit. And do not go over the top by adding layers and mixing more than three colours. 

Tip: You can easily clean the white surface of the bag and wipe off the excess of dirt with the magic eraser from Mr. Clean. 

+: I love the femininity and the friskiness of the Daisy Duck handbag. You can pair it with nearly anything. And it gives a playful and refreshing note to your outfit.  

: The only downside is that the bag is not very secure. There is no zipper as provided in traditional purses. But of course it is rather a fashion accessory than an all-purpose handbag. 

Note that you can match your favourite strap with a silver or golden chain and pair it with a gaiety colour. And if you already are the owner of a mini handbag by O bag, you can choose to purchase the Disney strap and clips it on to your bag. It is really all about mixing and matching. 

I will be wearing this bag when paying a visit to Mickey and his friends on the 6th of February.