Wearing carcasses of animals is not trendy at all.

When the “evil” winter lurks, fashionista’s and designers have the perfect excuse for wearing fur. The comfortable suit of pelt is so much better than wearing its own skin. Unlike their personal fur, they can take the jacket off whenever they like. So why bother wearing hideous clothes when you have plenty of animal carcasses at your disposal ? 

The well-known fashion gurus dictate what is “à la mode” with their enchanted wand. Just like a magic trick, they make animals disappear and reappear in a fur coat. What an illusion ! It almost seems effortless. But we all know that a good magician never reveals his secrets. Even the darkest ones.


Fashion aficionado’s recently teamed up with coquette grandma’s who lost all of their sex appeal but still have their fur. Thanks God. Their latest act is truly breathtaking. Literally. They walk around in one of the most dashing coats of pelt and make it a fashion statement. They even make the audience believe that the animals who ended up as a piece of clothing did not feel any pain. But no pain, no gain, right ?

The real showstopper is when Anna Wintour with her everlasting haircut, comes on stage and shows off her tremendous amount of fur coats. We don’t need to buy an admission ticket to the zoo anymore. She displays all the animals. Even the rarest ones. Thank you Anna for repopulating our wardrobes with exotic species. I was tired of only having to wear Scrat the Squirrel and Roger Rabbit. Now I can wear Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

Villains in vogue

If you haven’t tried the Mobutu style yet, you are probably too much of a brainiac or you simply have a heart. Sometimes I would like to buy some compassion at the nearest supermarket and distribute it to those in need, especially to the it-girls who try to copy Cruella de Vil’s style. The fictional Disney character who affectionately associates Dalmatians with haute couture, has been seen as a fashion icon.capture-decran-2016-12-28-a-02-52-43

Text and pictures  ©Morgan Mc Kenzie