Curly hair : A beautiful nightmare?

I have curly hair since birth. But apart from being an asset to my personality, combing my golden locks is an ongoing struggle. Every morning I get into a fight with my comb. And no matter what I do, my hair won’t cooperate. I use tons of Argan Oil, honey masks, conditioner and sprays to restore the balance of my hair and hydrate it. And what is the final result? High bills and a remaining half of a hairbrush.

It is undoubtedly the worst nightmare of every hairdresser. Every time I walk into my favorite hairdresser’s salon, Steve L, I see sweat dripping down his face. As much so, that he tries to remain confident as he walks up to me. He then shows off his white Colgate smile before leading me to the styling chair with some apprehension. After being comfortably seated into one of his fanciest chairs, he applies a cocktail of unknown substances onto my hair. And all of a sudden, a grimace appeared on his face. He knew he had to make my hair knot-proof. Therefore, he used some secret ingredients, which I am willing to share with you. So if you often lose a battle to your stubborn hair, but want to win the war, here are some tips.

Curly Hair

1) Avoid shampoo

Try to cut down shampoo from your beauty routine. If necessary wash your hair every two weeks.

When using shampoo make sure to apply a nourishing conditioner before rubbing the product into your scalp. Massage it well, so it can easily wash of the excess of dead skin cells and stimulate the follicules. Then rinse it off and use a second conditioner to end the first step of your morning ritual.

Note: I like to use CHI the Curl Preserve System Shampoo. It has a smooth texture and non-aggressive components which tend to soften the curls.

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2) Use a conditioner which is the right fit for your type of curls

My curls are corkscrew curls to be very specific. The ones you would find on the heads of the French nobility in the late 1600s. Back in the day, they helped to create volume and were an important element of the Periwig. They also identify as Poodle hair.

It is important to choose the perfect conditioner that will meet the needs of your precious curls. Every curl is deferent, so choose wisely your hair product.

I usually start my curly hair regimen by gently smoothing a wip of a plant-based conditioner down my roots and ends. All the sections of my hair need to be coated with conditioner. Do not hold back when applying lotion. Then comes the last fase of the process, rinsing. You can either choose to rinse it or leave it in. For a better result, choose to leave it in. Argan oil makes the perfect leave-in conditioner.

Note: The Redken Fresh Curls works miracles. It tames my frizzy hair by smoothing my cuticles.

Curly Hair

3) Apply oils in profusion

Argan oil is a non-greasy oil that has a high nutritive value. It helps to boost cell production and adds moisture.

I have thick textured and dry hair, that is why I put 5 drops of argan oil onto the ends and into my scalp every day. Then I rub it onto every section of my hair. The amount of oil you use depends on the length, thickness and texture.

From time to time I even use it as a conditioning treatment. Before going to sleep I put 10 drops of argan oil – or a regular mask – and wrap my hair in a plastic food wrap and secure it with a bobby pin.

Note: I use L’Oréal’s Elvive Extroardinary Oil and Redken curvaceous mask. Alternatives to argan oil are olive oil, walnut oil, jojoba oil and vegetable oils.

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4) Try to ban a brush

A brush can damage the structure and the molecules of your hair. Therefore, it is highly recommended to detangle your hair with your hands or a hybrid comb, a bristle brush or a round brush.

Note: I have a preference for a boar bristle brush. But I always try to detangle my hair with my fingers first.

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