Wikileaks releases report about machiavellian practices of CIA

Wikileaks exposed on Tuesday the deceitful methods of the Central Intelligence Agency. The governmental organization allegedly broke into phones, computers and other communication devices.  

Wikileaks published the first series of the report on, showing the interference of the CIA in popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal. In total 9000 documents prove that the agency used advanced hacking techniques to brake into smartphones, computers and televisions to collect information and control the electronic equipment. The record shows how the organization scrutinized the web to find a manual about hacking.

In one particular case the grouping used the program Weeping Angel to command a Samsung Smart television. The CIA managed to make it appear as if the television was inoperative, instead it was monitoring conversations in the room.

Text: Morgan Mc Kenzie, Photo: ©Psyomjesus