AslanMck : my volontary organization who helps Spanish Galgos

Approximately 60.000 Spanish Galgos (hunting greyhounds) are abandoned or tortured to death after the end of the hunting season in Spain. Vittorio was one of them. We rescued him from a killing station. He has been for more than 7 years a part of our family and celebrates his 15th birthday. Please consider adopting a galgo instead of shopping a dog. They need you right now.

We run an association and we are a voluntary organisation entirely relying on donations and money raised from different fundraising activities. We rescue, care and find homes for the Galgos. We do not receive any funding from the Government or local authority and the help we receive is only on voluntary basis.

The Galgos come from all over Spain. They are very often in extremely poor condition, badly injured or tortured. We care for them with the help of a lot of fantastic vets.  Sometimes, the dogs need leg amputation and the healing process is very complicated. Therfore we also need rescue families in charge of the recovery of the dog before we can find him a forever home. We are based in Belgium or in the United States (Arizona).

If you can help with a smile, an idea,  by sharing the information with other people, with a temporary fostering, … do not hesitate to tell us and send us a mail ( and we will be glad to keep in touch with you.