Canon scam: how to lure people with a false cashback

What is a cashback?

It is a commonly spread commercial practice to encourage people in buying a product. This marketing strategy triggers sales and builds up loyalty over the long term. Customers who buy an article eligible for a partial reimbursement, have to log online and fill in a document in order to get their money back. Easy peasy! But why would Canon not allow it?

Cashback nightmare

I went to Media Markt Woluwe, a huge German electronics retailer, to buy a camera. I ended up purchasing the Canon EOS R with the 24-105 lens. The vendor informed me about a special promotion and handed me the flyer. If you get the camera (body + lens) you could get a cashback up to a 1000 euro. Therefore, you must head to Canon’s cashback website to leave your contact information and upload your receipt. As simple as ABC! Well, only in theory.

Total paid MediaMarkt

As I was one step closer to earn back the money I spent, I realised the electronics store was not in the designated list of points of sale and partner stores. Many local vendors and wholesalers figured in the list, but not Media Markt. I immediately called Canon’s customer service but the person in charge did disclaim all responsibility and invited us to address this problem with Media Markt. He clearly passed the buck on this one. We went back to the store and asked to talk to the customer and solution manager. He assured us he would assess the situation with a Canon’s sales representative but could not do much as it is Canon who set up this promotional campaign. Still no solution was offered from both sides.

Impossible to find MediaMarkt on the Canon cashback site

Note that one of the vendor’s sales pitch was the attractive cashback offer. This certainly did tilt the balance in favor of Canon. The fact that the retailer acknowledged the store’s participation in this promotional offer but would not lift a finger up until now is infuriating.

Our purchases

After three weeks of waiting, multiple phone calls and visits to the store we heard back from the manager. It appears Canon would soon update the website so that clients could finally enter the store’s name. But in vain! More than a month passed by and it is still impossible for me to properly insert my personal data and choose the retailer. This is deceitful and shameful practice!

Timeline Canon15th march 2020: still no news from MediaMarkt nor Canon.