Star Wars takes over Brussels

The Star Wars Identities exhibition premiered today at the Brussels Expo in Belgium. Curious visitors, Star Wars enthusiasts and Belgian reporters were keen to explore every corner of the exposition which is dedicated to the universe of the American franchise. After several halts in major European cities, X3 Productions and Lucasfilm Ltd chose the Belgian capital to close the European tour. 

Star Wars Identities covered 11 metropolises worldwide before settling in Brussels for a final show on European soil. More than one hundred thousand visitors walked through the halls of the interactive experience. This exclusive expo was designed by X3 Productions from Montreal, Canada, in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd, which wanted a more scientific approach and analyze of the main theme, the human identity. The patterns and the complexity of the human thinking take center stage in the expoX3 Productions thoughtfully examined the components which shape an individual to create a made to measure experience. The exhibit also offers a peek behind the scenes of the first six sequels of the Star Wars saga and the Star Wars spin-off animated series: The Clone Wars. 


Identity quest: Will you choose the dark side? 

Every visitor is equipped with an audio guide and a wristband with an RFID (Radio-frequency identification) chip. This technology allows exhibition goers to create their very own Star Wars avatar. Each attendee is then invited to respond to numerous questions at about ten interactive stations throughout the expo. Once all stages have been completed, the visitors can then opt to reveal their Star Wars inspired character. The different stages of the journey through space make it possible to create a unique individual which is likely to have strong similarities with his creator. There are more 50 million combinations. But surprisingly enough only 30% of the Parisian guests chose the dark side of the force while 40% created a Jedi alter ego. The light side of the force always wins!


Star Wars relics

Over 200 iconic objects from the Star Wars archives are showcased. The costumes, scale models, sketches, concept drawings, helmets, armors and other artifacts on display were used during the filming of the epic saga. George Lucas helped designing some of the screen used props, which makes it even more special to watch. The colossal AT-AT greets every visitor who dares to enter the galaxy. R2-D2 and henchman C-3PO, Stormtroopers, the formidable Boba Fett and Darth Maul, the furry Chewbacca, the beloved Princess Leia and none other than the infamous Darth Vader are probably the highlight of the exhibit.

DSC07389 Even 40 years after the release of the first movie, Star Wars continues to fascinate young and old. What about you?

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