Interview of jet-setter Mel F.

Melanie’s luxurious lifestyle has made some envious. They claim that the feisty lady overtly brags on her Instagram account. Melanie Ferri is a young flight attendant who is living the dream. The 25-year-old already travelled around the globe. She visited the most exclusive historical sites, resided in sumptuous hotels and shared meals with celebrities.

Although Melanie has received a lot of criticism she continues to openly share her lifestyle on social media. Her Instagram counts more than 6,000 subscribers who ardently follow her adventures. She acknowledges that the social medium has helped her to build a brand and name in the high-end aviation.

The Belgian beauty had had a long career in modelling before leaving the entire industry to focus on a new career path. Melanie now operates as a VIP air hostess on a presidential flight. She has been working in the private aviation domain since 2012. But the globetrotter has other plans for her bright future.